Considerations when choosing ambient music for your business

Just like how you carefully select products to meet the eyes of customers, your choice of music also plays a very important role as they walk around your business premises. As does the seating that you place around your store and office. Placing Reception Chairs in a way and cosy location that allows for your visitors to sit peacefully whilst they wait to be collected for their meeting etc. If you are looking for office chairs or chairs for a reception or break out area then you could start by looking at sites such as

Having music playing in your store or office reception area is another way for people to feel connected to your business and calm and relaxed.

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How does music affect your retail and office environment?

Imagine yourself trying to relax at home; are you able to fully let go of your troubles with loud, banging music playing? Probably not. The same goes for your customers when they enter your store or business. Research shows that customers are more likely to make purchases when they feel at leisure in their surroundings.

Loud or offensive music, especially if it doesn’t fit in with the style of your business and the products and services that you sell, can make customers feel anxious and irritable which means that they will be rushing for the door rather than your checkout!

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What is the best type of music for my store?

The main thing to remember is that the music in your place of work is intended to be ambient music, which means that its main purpose is to create atmosphere. Think about the type of ambience you want to create: if you are a small shop selling souvenirs, gifts, candles and other luxuries or perhaps an office offering financial advice or another knowledge based business, then you might wish to consider some soft, chill-out music to create a welcoming vibe. However, if you sell modern electronics and your main clients are young professionals or you work in a creative service industry, then you might wish to create a playlist that incorporates chart hits that this audience will enjoy listening to.

Remember also, that if you decide to put a radio station on, you have no control over the topics and language used by the DJs or presenters, and some may not agree with their chatter.

You are never going to please everyone but the key is to remember that the music being played is for the benefit of your audience and not for the staff to decide. See how music influences your audience here:

Any final considerations?

As most shop and business owners will know, there are laws concerning music in public places so you should ensure you have read up on the regulations and are not violating any copyright laws by playing music in your store. To be certain you are on the right side of the law, you should investigate music licences.


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