Creating a new lawn: seed or turf?

When the time comes to lay a new lawn, the question of whether to opt for grass seed or turf is an age-old debate. Is it the ease of laying down strips of turf or the gratification of watching your lawn grow in front of your eyes that you are drawn to? Whichever option you choose, there are several factors to consider.

Creating a new lawn

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The Telegraph is just one of the many mediums to have discussed the pros and cons of laying your new lawn using turf or seed.

Another medium to have explored the differences between the two lawn options is the BBC programme Gardeners’ World, which devoted an entire episode to the topic of turf lawn or grass seed. Just what is it that makes somebody sway one way or the other?

Sowing the seeds

Apart from the obvious fact that grass seeds are cheaper than laying turf, they are also better for repairing small areas of existing lawns, are easy to spread and store, will keep for years, and are easy to maintain with devices such as hand propelled petrol lawn mowers.

Despite these pros, there are also cons. Sowing seeds does not give you instant results, a downpour of heavy rain may wash freshly-laid seed away, a seeded lawn needs more care and attention in the first month than turf, and the seeds are prone to attack from birds and small animals.

Treading the turf

Just like grass seeds, there are pros and cons to lawn turf. Turf has that instant wow factor as the last piece is laid in place, of course, and it won’t be washed away in a heavy storm. It is easy to maintain, just like seeds, with quality lawnmowers such as push petrol lawnmowers by Chiffchaff. On the downside, turf can be costly, especially if the area to be turfed is substantial, and the choice of colour and type is limited.

The choice of turf or seed could also depend on the size of the lawn, the budget available and the time you have to help it grow. Your personal circumstances may dictate which option you go for; alternatively, there is nothing to stop you mixing the two. However you decide to lay your lawn, the grass will get greener soon enough.

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