Design ideas for your meeting with a Kitchens Doncaster company

When it comes to meeting with a Kitchens Doncaster company you can find that you suddenly start to struggle for ideas as to how you want your kitchen to look and function. It is important to remember that these professionals will take the information that you give them about how you use your kitchen space plus any colour palettes you like to create your design plan for you.

There are many trends that are reported to be big already this year in kitchen design and here are a few of them for you to have a look through for inspiration.

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Kitchen islands have been incredibly popular for a number of years, but they seem to have resurfaced again in 2019. The use of a kitchen island has become known with a luxurious and social kitchen, although the inclusion of one is usually about the space available rather than budget or desire. When space is an issue there is the possibility of having a peninsula instead. These are usually attached to a wall at one side so take up less space, they can also be produced in L shape designs if you want to include one in a kitchen corner.

Larder space

One of the biggest trends reported for kitchens in 2019 is the inclusion of a bespoke larder or pantry. This may be a custom-built unit that is locate din one area of your kitchen that produced you with all the storage options that you need in order to be able to keep your food items at the correct temperature and all in one place for easy access. Storage also includes the prediction that floor it ceiling cabinets will become more popular this year with the added storage space that these provide it gives a kitchen a clutter free look.

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Colour palettes

The colour tipped to be the most popular this year include cabinets with a green or blue hue along with brass fittings and white marbles counter tops. Brass has become an incredibly popular choice for both cabinet fitments as well as accessories and tap fittings. The colour of the brass contrasts well with many colours and adds an element of luxury and opulence to the kitchen.

When visiting a kitchen company, you should take along your budget as well as any ideas that you have. It is also a good idea to rank the items that you want to include from those that you absolutely must have right through to those that could be removed if space or money is an issue.

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