Digital visual trends of 2017: Colours, photography and theme

None of us will forget 2016 in a hurry, but its legacy will live on in the coming year as the knock-on effect of world events influences online trends. If you want to attract customers to your website, you need to make sure your site is up-to-date and appealing to your intended market, so read on to find out what’s hot in 2017.

Digital visual trends of 2017

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Back to nature colour palette

Green is set to be the colour of 2017, particularly in fresh, bright and uplifting shades. People are looking to nature for inspiration, so earthy tones will also be in vogue, along with mineral-rich shades of grey, brown and red.

Photography gets real

There’s been a bit of a backlash against digitally enhanced images on the internet, and consumers are looking for more truth in the images they see online. Unfiltered and unenhanced images will be everywhere, with candid photography becoming increasingly popular.

Keep it clean

Strong, clean lines in logos and branding will reflect the rise of the smartphone. Small screens need to display artwork with uncluttered lines to be effective, so we can expect to see some major re-branding as companies strive to adopt this trend in 2017

Video marketing goes viral

Entrepreneur is just one site promising that video is going to be Next Big Thing in digital marketing. With Facebook and LinkedIn introducing their own video platforms and 4G technology becoming increasingly widespread, this is going to be the year when videos go global.

Digital design is being heavily influenced by the ’90s generation, who are tired of “spin” and are in search of more honesty in their online experience. There’s no need to panic; whether your company is in Rochdale or Reading web design companies abound that specialise in helping even the smallest internet entrepreneur build a beautiful and on-trend website. Companies such as were set up expressly to help small-to-medium businesses achieve their online goals. The great advantage of using a specialist web design company is that you have peace of mind that your site will be up-to-date and attract customers who want to use your services.

You don’t have to adopt all these trends, but it’s important to ensure that your site is attractive and appealing to your prospective customers.

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