Do Electric Cars Need an MOT?

In the not too distant future, we will all have to say goodbye to our polluting petrol and diesel motor vehicles. Electric is the way of the future and with many more models being released into the market every year, the choice is for consumers is growing. Now, we just need a lot more charging points. Many people are still a little confused over what owning an electric vehicle entails and one question to clear up is do electric vehicles still need an MOT like a petrol or diesel vehicle?

The answer is yes. While you no longer have to pay road tax, you will still need to adhere to the rules and regulations of the current MOT system.

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Like other vehicles, electric ones must pass an MOT once they are three years old. The only difference between the tests is that electric vehicles will not need an emissions test. Here are the main stages of an electric vehicle MOT explained a little further:

  1. As is the case currently, all electric vehicles will also have to be logged on the official MOT test computer system. The MOT will be a little shorter as the emissions test can be skipped.
  2. The first check would be the lights instead of emissions. All lights will be checked to see that they work correctly.
  3. Seatbelts, windscreen wipers and windscreen checks will come next.
  4. The next stage includes the vehicle being lifted onto an MOT test lift so the mechanic can access the underside of the vehicle.
  5. The next stage of the MOT includes a steering check. Each wheel will be spun freely to examine the tyres and correct bearing operation. This also involves a full check on the suspension.
  6. A rust check will be carried out, with the tester checking areas such as mounting brackets and points. Did you know that MOT testers cannot remove any part to check for rust underneath? Therefore, the underside panel of an electric vehicle will remain in place.
  7. The vehicle is then lowered back to the ground and the final stage is a brakes test, as with any vehicle.

You can present your electric vehicle for MOT at either the dealership or any local MOT test garage. For a Gloucester MOT, contact 123 Car and Commercial.

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Current vehicles that are exempt from MOT include tractors, electrically powered goods vehicles and motorbikes and cars constructed before 1960.

According to the government, the maximum cost for an MOT is £54.85. You should never pay more than this and in fact, will often find it far cheaper than this at local garages and dealerships. So, switching to an electric car might save you on road tax but you will still need a valid MOT as you do currently.

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