Don’t fail on the basics

After months of hard work and countless driving lessons, you’ve finally achieved the pass you wanted and now you’re free, out on the open road for the first time. Having a car and being able to travel independently is a fantastic feeling and opens up many opportunities that were previously not possible. Newly qualified drivers should still take things a step at a time as there’s nothing like experience to make you feel safe and confident on the road. For Driving Lessons In Wellingborough, visit

It’s also very important to know your vehicle, how to keep it in good condition and roadworthy and what to do in the event of a breakdown. Now you’ve got your long sought after wheels, you don’t want to lose it through a failed MoT that could be avoided with some regular checks and servicing.

The top ten reasons for failing an MoT include many things that could have been avoided and are easily and cheaply fixed. Let’s take a look:

  • Tyres – as the only point where the car physically touches the road, tyres are crucial to safety and yet many fail on the basic test of condition. Not enough tread is usually the reason for an instant fail. The minimum is 1.6mm and anything less than that is illegal. Having a tyre that is cut to cords is also an instant failure. Tyres that have cracked or perished over time, have cuts or bulges will also need changing. Stay safe on the road and check your tyres regularly.
  • Wipers – these are so quick to replace and fairly cheap too and yet many cars fail because the wipers have deteriorated over time so that when it rains, the windows smear. Anything that blocks a driver’s vision is going to fail the MoT.
  • Brakes – it goes without saying that brake performance is essential to safety. The handbrake can often fall out of adjustment which not an easy fix if the cable is broken. Some vehicles are easy to adjust though and you should keep an eye on it for the sake of safety.
  • Exhaust systems – this can be costly to replace so many people don’t before it’s too late. Having a faulty exhaust system has a significantly negative impact on performance and efficiency.

Don't fail on the basics

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  • Suspension – these are complex systems with lots of moving parts and so it’s no surprise that there’s quite a bit that can go wrong. If you hear knocks when you drive over bumps then you should get it checked out before it fails an MoT.
  • Lamps – another big failure is blown headlamps which can be awkward to replace so it’s best to head to your local garage and find out what’s involved.
  • Registration Plate Lamp – such a simple thing but with a surprisingly high failure rate. It takes a few seconds and a couple of quid to rectify this one so don’t let your pride and joy fail on something so trivial.

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