Five advantages of LED linear lighting

Before linear lighting was introduced, commercial buildings such as warehouses, offices and retail premises were lit using traditional incandescent bulbs. These were power-hungry, had a short lifetime, and gave irregular lighting. Later, fluorescent tubes were used. Although these gave a more even pattern, they suffered from a dark spot due to their operation.

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Today, LED linear lighting is used in many different commercial applications. Let’s take a look at the reasons it is so popular.

1. Cost

A primary advantage of LED over fluorescent lighting is its power consumption. LED units also have a much longer lifespan than other linear lights, saving owners not only the cost of new units but also the labour involved for lighting specialists in replacing them.

2. Installation

LED linear lights are quick and easy to install using spring clips. This reduces the labour costs for both the initial installation and for replacement.

3. Flexibility

There is a huge range of choice of fitting style, size, luminosity and colour. Today’s lighting specialists can supply surface-mounted, suspended or recessed units. This makes them suitable for any location where good lighting is needed, such as exterior, commercial, industrial and architectural applications.

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These lights can be purchased in a range of shapes and sizes, such as 1,200mm long suspended units, 970mm long wall washer units, and continuous retail lights.

Luminosity ranges from low to high power, such as 3,000lm 32W suspended office lights and 21,600lm 170W industrial high-bay lights.

Lighting is also available in various colour temperatures, such as white, day white and warm white, making it adaptable to different indoor uses.

4. Architectural

LED linear units deliver diffused light, which provides a soft glow that can highlight architectural features and decorations. With the added ability to dim, they can make any room look elegant and contemporary.

5. Health and safety

Poor lighting is recognised as one of the key factors affecting performance for office staff. The Health and Safety Executive publishes guidance on how lighting affects people at work. Eyestrain can be caused by glaring light, insufficient light, or contrasts between over-lit and under-lit areas. LED linear units deliver a uniform level of lighting throughout the office by using diffusers.

LED linear lights are cost-effective and flexible, providing high-quality lighting in many commercial applications.

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