Five e-commerce website mistakes to avoid

It is surprising to see how many websites are making basic errors. This is costing them money and losing them customers.

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With just a few tweaks, it is possible to get rid of all the e-commerce mistakes that are holding you back. Here are five of the most common mistakes that you can rectify.

1.Forgetting the millions of mobile users

According to the latest data reported by the Statistics Portal Statista, mobile devices now account for half of all web page views across the world. Businesses ignore this fact at their peril.

The most successful businesses are the ones that use a professional web design company such as to adopt a ‘mobile first’ strategy. This does not mean that the experience of desktop users is affected. In fact, it can enhance their user experience as well in most cases. Size and scale are the key considerations to get right.

2. Inserting too many requirements before a purchase

Most users are in a hurry. They cannot be bothered with multiple forms and boxes to fill in before they make a purchase. A website design company in Gloucester can work with you to make your user buying experience as slick and streamlined as possible. This will prevent them from abandoning the process halfway through. One-click purchasing is increasingly popular.

3. Not bothering to be original

Users can spot standard and boring copy a mile off. This is not a time to follow the crowd. Take time to come up with your own unique approach that is written with passion and enthusiasm. You will soon reap the benefits in your conversion rates.

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4. Failing to build a reputation

People buy from businesses that they trust, so it is vital that you establish that you are a trustworthy firm. You can only do this by personal recommendation from previous customers and clients. Product reviews and endorsements are the obvious places to start. However, these days, discerning potential customers are more likely to check you out on social media so brush up your accounts.

5. A cumbersome checkout

A drawn-out checkout process puts everyone off. Keep it short and quick to keep your customers happy and make sure they return. Remove all distractions so that they will focus on checking out and not leave to look at something else.

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