Five Tell-Tale Signs That Your Website Needs an Update

Web site design is not a static process. You cannot design your site and sit back and expect it to do a job for you for the next ten years. Web technology moves rapidly, and the way in which we are using the web is changing. Consumers can now access the web on mobile phones, tablets and TVs as well as on laptops and computers.

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Consumer expectations are vastly different from a few years ago. If you set up your website more than 12 months ago, it is time for a review. You may find that it is not working as hard as you need it to. Here are five signs that your website needs an update.

1. It Is Not Mobile-Compatible

Your customers will access your site using a range of devices, but you only have one site that needs to be suitable for all platforms. This is a challenge. According to the BBC’s Responsive News team, the corporation has had to put design measures in place to ensure that visitors get the best experience whether they are accessing it from a smartphone or a PC at home. The BBC uses a combination of technologies, including JavaScript applications and plugins.

2. It Is Too Slow

Users will not hang around. There are plenty of other sites that they can visit if yours is too slow. It is estimated that visitors to your site will give it two seconds to load and will then leave! Luckily, there is plenty that a Cardiff web designer can do to speed up your site.

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3. You Have Not Integrated Your Social Media

To actively engage with your potential customers, you must integrate your web pages with your social media accounts. Professional web designers such as can deliver traffic to your site via your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkenIn accounts.

4. Your Site Is Not Search-Engine Optimised

Consistent organic traffic is what makes your business a success. People who find your business because they have used search terms are more likely to buy your product or service, so make it easy for them to find you.

5. Tired and Dated Themes

If your theme is outdated, no one is going to be attracted by your site. A modern, fresh look is much more appealing.

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