Flooding and home insurance

The majority of insurance policies do cover flooding, which guarantees to cover your property for structural damage. You will also need to have contents insurance – which covers the replacement cost of your belongings – if you want your property to be protected against flood damage as well.

Can I get a home insurance if I live in a flood risk area?

Presently, insurance providers are not allowed to refuse cover for homes at risk of flooding if the government continues to pay for effective flood defences in the area. Homes in flood risk areas do often end up paying more for cover.

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Due to this scenario, a scheme called ‘Flood Re’ was set up to make sure that homeowners with at risk properties are provided with more affordable cover. The government-backed scheme reduces the amount that insurers are liable for and should make insurance more affordable for those who live in high-risk flood areas. For advice from Insurance Brokers Bristol, visit a site like Mark Richard, a leading Insurance Brokers Bristol

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How can I reduce the risk of flood damage to my property?

Replace wooden floors with concrete and tiles

Change any chipboard or MDF units in the kitchen and bathroom with alternatives made from plastic

Move the boiler and electrical sockets well above the possible flood level

Install valves that only go one-way into drains to stop sewage re-entering the property

Clear gutters and drains of all debris to allow precipitation to drain properly

Safely secure any outdoor furniture that could be blown or float away.

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