Forget these cleaning myths

There are some cleaning tips that keep doing the rounds despite being based on nothing more than hearsay and folklore. If you’re still doing any of the following, it’s time to leave behind these ineffective habits and enter the 21st century:

Better to use bleach

You might think the smell of bleach equals hygiene and cleanliness, but sadly, we’re just kidding ourselves. Bleach is not a ‘cleaner’ at all. Yes, it disinfects and kills germs and can even lighten stains, but it does not lift dirt from surfaces. If you want to make an old shirt look whiter or disinfect a chopping board after cutting raw chicken, then bleach has some benefits. For scrubbing the tub, you’re better off with a proper cleaning agent with a bit of texture, like baking soda.

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Use newspaper to get streak-free glass

Many people swear by newspaper to clean their windows, but does it really work? The answer is yes, and no. Back in the day, when newspaper was actually made from paper and ink, it would effectively clean glass and windows. However, these days newspaper is made from totally different materials which will do nothing to help your glass remain streak-free.

Dust with a feather duster

While feather dusters are fluffy and their name suggests they should be good for dusting, in reality, they aren’t all that effective. They are very good at spreading dust around as opposed to picking it up. You’re better off using a vacuum cleaner nozzle or a slightly damp cloth.

If it smells clean, it is clean

We often think that if something smells fragrant, it must be clean. Just because a product boasts smelling like ‘fresh laundry’ or ‘sweet summer air’ doesn’t mean it does anything to remove germs and grime. They don’t even clean the air but just mask the odours for a short time. For a truly clean smell, you have got to do the dirty work yourself! Alternatively, choose a Leicester commercial cleaning company to do it for you. Consider Leicester commercial cleaning from Ace Cleaning Company.

Vinegar cleans everything

Vinegar is an effective and useful cleaner, so it’s easy to go vinegar mad and use it to clean everything. It has its place, after all, it’s natural, cheap and available in several varieties. It’s great for cleaning walls, dishes, softening fabrics and bathrooms for example. However, it should never be used to clean marble, stone, hardwood or wax floors.

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Wash clothes in cold water

A lot of people recommend using a cold water setting on the washing machine. This could be to save money or because they cannot fathom which setting means what in terms of length and temperature! Whilst many garments can be washed on a cold setting, such as delicates, bright and dark colours and anything that requires heavy stain removal, some things should not be cold washed. These include whites, man-made fibres, jeans and knitted garments, which should also be washed on a hot/warm setting.

Cleaning products work immediately

In our modern lives of wanting things instantly, we tend to assume that one spray and hey presto! We have a spotless surface. Surely that would be magic, which we’re pretty sure doesn’t exist. Once you’ve applied a cleaning product, it must be left to soak for a while before being wiped off. Wipe it too early and you’ll be wasting cleaning product and leaving behind dirt and germs.

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