Four advantages of holding your meeting in a hotel

Business meetings are vital to any successful business, but, as many employees will no doubt confirm, meetings can get stale, particularly if taking place in the same old room every time.

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Utilising a hotel to host your meeting can inject a much-needed change of scenery, encouraging employees to bring their best selves forward and engage fully. In fact, the Harvard Business Review suggests disengaged employees are 18% less productive and 16% less profitable than those who experience satisfaction and engagement in the workplace, so getting out of tired routines can work wonders at boosting productivity and value.

If you want to get out of London top Windsor meeting rooms may be just the thing. And here’s why.

1 Organisation

Any company planning a successful business meeting has plenty to keep busy – preparing presentations and reports as well as prioritising goals and subjects to discuss. You don’t need to be bogged down with practical elements such as set up and cleaning. Hiring a hotel meeting room leaves this side of the organisation in the hands of the hotel so you can focus on what’s really important.

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2 Catering

Nobody likes working on an empty stomach. Hotels generally have onsite catering facilities and can provide food and drinks as required. This is particularly vital to consider if your meeting is likely to last all day or over several days. Whether you want breakfast on arrival or a 5-course dinner, the right hotel will be able to cater for you.

3 Size

If you’re holding a meeting in your usual place of business, you will likely be restricted by the space available. Hotels such as the offer meeting rooms to suit your needs including suites which can accommodate up to 75 people, or smaller suites which can accommodate up to 25.

4 Guest rooms

Sometimes a business meeting needs to take place over several days. Booking your event in a hotel means that attendees have somewhere to rest their heads between meetings, and choosing a nice hotel will add an incentive to keep engaged until the event has concluded. You can also avoid having any latecomers or traffic issues, as everyone attending will already be on site. If you’re arranging a large meeting you may be able to negotiate special rates.

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