Getting the office colour scheme right.

You may think that offices just need to have a quick lick of Magnolia and that’s job done. However, there is a growing and substantially established belief that the colour of the office can, and does spark creativity, increase productivity and reduce tensions between colleagues when things get fraught. One other factor is making sure that the seating a work decour is also spot on. This is where Gloucester Office Furniture based company come in as they can provide products and advice on what to go for.

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What colours produce the best results? That depends on what the company specialises in. For example, if you are quite a conservative operation, accounting and bookkeeping say, then it’s not going to work with an all mauve and pastels kind of affair. However, if you work in the creative industries this bright approach is better suited, rather than a very neutral space and colour.

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The other thing to consider is the company’s brand colours. This should follow suit to create a sense of community. For example, Coca Cola continues to use the same red, white and grey hues that they have for their products. This should be the same for you in whatever colour you have chosen.

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