Give Your Garden a Makeover This Summer with These DIY Projects

If your garden is a little worse for wear since the winter season, then why not give it a makeover? Revamping your garden does not have to cost lots of money, but just giving your fence a lick of paint could really transform the look. There are many creative DIY projects for garden furniture and other garden pieces – why not give these a go? Your garden will soon be ready for the summer season. If you want to use wood for your DIY projects, you will need to know the different types of wood you can use.

Crate Boxes 

Crate Boxes can be used for many different purposes; they can be used as storage boxes, shelves, and even outdoor tables. Crates are much cheaper and give your garden a more rustic look, and you could even position some of the crates to create shelving space on the side of the crate table. Add extra decoration like a pretty potted plant on there and the look will be complete. You can even use crates as planters to put flowers in, just make sure to put planting tarp on the gaps of the crate to make sure no soil falls out.

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Pallets can make for great DIY garden furniture; they can be used as tables, benches, and even planters; pallets are cheap, and the wood is typically untouched which means you can decorate it as much or as little as you like. These can be turned into box planters or vertical planters fixed against a wall – the possibilities are endless. 

Old Ladders 

If you have an old ladder that isn’t safe to use any more, why not give it a new purpose? You could turn it into a planter to store your plants, or you can create a garden shelving area to put all of your garden supplies on.

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Tree Bench 

If you have a large tree in your garden, you could make a tree bench that goes around the base of the tree. With the correct wood and the right DIY skills, this could really revamp your old tree. If you need some timber supplies, then companies such as, a Timber Merchants Southampton way, or timber suppliers near you can give you great quality timber for your DIY garden projects.

Old House Furniture 

If you have some old house furniture, why not turn them into garden furniture? For example, if you have a desk with drawers, you could take the top of the desk off and turn the drawers into planters, or if you have an old cabinet, you could take the doors off and use it as an outdoor shelving area.

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