How can I remove scratches from my hard floor?

Hard Wood Flooring, such as those found at places like , by its very nature, is tough and durable. However, that’s not to say your floor is immune to scratches, in fact, it’s inevitable at some point your floor will need a bit of TLC. The majority of scratches are caused by pet claws, moving furniture, and small stones that have been carried in by shoes and then walked around the flooring. By following these simple steps we’ll show you how to remove light and deep scratches from your hard floor restoring it to its beautiful look once again.

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To remove a light scratch from your laminate flooring first, clean the area with a cloth and white vinegar, and leave to dry. Using a putty knife, apply crayon wax to the scratch that best matches the colour of your flooring. Use a lint-free cloth to buff out the wax.


Gently clean the scratched surface of the hardwood with a damp cloth and leave to dry. Using a small tipped brush apply a thin layer of varnish to the affected area. Ideally, you would use the same kind of finish already on your hardwood floor. Buff to finish –

Vinyl flooring

Light scratches can be fixed easily with liquid seam sealer. Ensuring the room is well ventilated, wipe down the area with lacquer thinner. Place strips of masking tape around the scratch and apply a thin layer of liquid seam sealer. Once dry, remove the masking tape.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles

For this, you’ll need a tube of toothpaste! Clean the tile with vinegar and water and leave to dry. Using a clean cloth, rub a small amount of toothpaste (not gel) into the affected area until the scratch has been filled. Once dry, use sandpaper to sand the toothpaste down until you’ve achieved a smooth finish. Seal with a thin layer of urethane coat and allow to dry.


Hardwood can really give a rich look to your home, but it’s also susceptible to deep scratches. If you find one, clean the scratched area using a soft rag and hardwood floor cleaner, and leave to dry. Remove the polyurethane top finish (you only need to do this if your floor has one) with a scouring pad and mineral spirits. Once dry, apply a small amount of wood filler with your finger.

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