How Can You Get Guests to Reply to Your Wedding Invite?

It should be the easy bit, but getting replies to your wedding invites is harder than you think. It’s not that people don’t want to come: they just don’t see RSVPing as important. But to you it’s vital to confirm numbers and invite additional guests. Take the stress of wedding planning down a bit by reading our tip tips to getting guests to reply.

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Be Clear

Try not to be woolly with the facts. Give an RSVP deadline date in bold (and make this at least two weeks before you need to know numbers). Also provide an email address in bold and make it clear whether it is an email address or a web domain. Some guests don’t reply immediately as they are unsure what the situation with child guests is. If children are invited, include their name on the invite and make it clear. If not, do explain this on the invite so they know.

Provide Options

We all have our own favoured means of communications. Some like Facebook, others text, some prefer traditional mail, others would like to call you up and thank you for your invitation. Provide a main (and preferred option), which is normally your dedicated wedding email such as, and then other options, including mobile, landline and home address. Providing options is a great way of getting response. It’s not, however, a great way of having them all in one place. Make a spreadsheet and add RSVPs to it immediately, and if any come your fiancĂ©’s way, make sure he adds them too. Only if you collate RSVPs (and non-attendees) in one place will you know exact numbers.

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Make the Wedding Invite Great

The better your wedding invite, the more likely a speedy response. Beautiful handmade wedding invitations like those found at are more likely to be pinned to a board, placed on a windowsill or stuck on a fridge, thereby increasing the number of times it will be seen.

Send out a Reminder

Three or four days before RSVP deadline, send a gentle email reminder to those who haven’t replied. Be mindful of older guests who don’t use email and perhaps give them a ring.

These top tips will hopefully see your replies flood in. It’s all about clarity, reminders and choosing an eye-catching wedding invite.

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