How Do STI Self-Testing Kits Work?

The first rule of good sexual health is prevention through the use of condoms – but accidents do happen, and condoms can also break or tear.

The Annual ‘Safety Check’

Many people also choose to safeguard their sexual health by having a full check annually for any STIs. This is good sense because the vast majority can be easily treated with a simple course of antibiotics.

Different Routes to Testing

Whether you have had a contraceptive slip-up or are just carrying out a regular check, you can either go to a GUM clinic to be tested or use a home testing kit.

GUM clinics can be difficult to get to, and many people prefer the convenience of a home testing kit. These London gonorrhoea testing kits are very simple to use and don’t require any time spent sitting around in a waiting room. You can do this as part of the checkurself campaign.

Using Home Testing Kits

Each kit will have its own instructions, and it’s important to read them carefully. Remember to first check that it is within date and that the packaging hasn’t been damaged in any way. You may also want to contact a health professional to ensure that the test is right for you.

How Do STI Self-Testing Kits Work

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With the majority, you will either pee in a pot or take a simple swab. You’ll then package the testing materials back up in the packaging provided and then return them by free post for analysis. The results will be provided to you quickly and easily via your contact method of choice – often text or email – and then you will sign posted for treatment if required.
You can also then do a follow-up at your local GUM clinic if you want further sexual health advice or testing.

Don’t Stay in the Dark

Self-testing kits are very convenient and easy to use, and they certainly make it very simple to check whether you have an STI or not. Remember that it is far easier to treat an STI if it is caught quickly, and a rapid course of antibiotics will minimise the chances of any lasting damage. Don’t be left in the dark – practise safe sex and test for any accidents, or go for a regular health check.

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