How does a garage door get damaged?

Most people do not spend a lot of time worrying about their garage doors getting damaged. This is an item that we take for granted. You go home and look forward to opening and closing it as it always does. So, when things do go wrong, it can come as a bit of a surprise. Eventually, something will break. The more you use something, sooner or later something is going to wear out and nothing lasts forever, especially if the garage was equipped with just a standard spring.

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Springs do break and not all are created equal. Cheaper, standard springs will wear out faster than the various high-end varieties which are larger and more likely to have the proper power to match the door.

Cables can also break. Known as wire rope, they are made to be very strong and durable but will get brittle over the years and could begin to fray. When they begin to fray, they can start to relax and eventually snap. As soon as you detect damage, it’s a good idea to get this fixed. Even if only one side is damaged, it is best to replace them as a pair to ensure they are both the same length.

Other parts that can wear are rollers. Rollers affect how smooth the roller door is as it stops and opens and closes. The smoother it operates, the longer it will last because there is less friction.

The opener is another part that can suffer damage from time to time. Door openers are one of the mechanisms that may be the hardest working, especially in high-traffic households. If you think about how many cars you’ve had over the years, they have probably all sat under the same garage door opener. Ultimately, this will have to be replaced. Alternatively, choose a new door which will last you many years to come. For Essex Garage Doors, visit a site like

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Hinges do not tend to break very often but as they wear down, they make a lot of noise. Oil will usually do the trick. Other hardware that can wear more may be things such as sheaves and bearings. As with any moving parts, they will eventually wear out and must be replaced, especially if they are not maintained and lubricated so that metal on metal contact leads to cutting through the cables and hubs.

While there are things that can go wrong with your garage door, most are made to last and a good quality garage door should last you many years of happy usage if you maintain it well.


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