How much does the average boiler breakdown cost?

Your boiler is one of the most important features of your home as it is vital for heat. Attending to a broken boiler can be a costly business, but you can avoid big repairs by looking out for warning signs and dealing with any problems as they arise.

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Prevention Better Than Cure

In the UK, the annual cost of boiler repair is £725 million, which means that each time a boiler breaks down, we pay £245 to get it repaired. A boiler that breaks can be a sign of other serious problems in the home, such as gas leaks.

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As the winter approaches, it is more important than ever to ensure your boiler is in good working order. Prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to boiler breakdowns.

Warning Signs

Early signs that your boiler may be about to break include switching off unexpectedly, leaks, strange noises, water temperature fluctuations, and gas smells. Each of these issues could signal a boiler that is on the way out.

If a boiler turns itself off, this could be down to low water pressure, air caught in the system or a faulty pump. If water is leaking out of your boiler, it could indicate a problem with the valve or pump. It’s vital to get this investigated immediately to avoid further damage.

If you have concerns about your boiler, you should get it looked at early, as this can save more expensive repairs later. Use a reputable company, such as, if you are looking for Evesham Boiler Installation or boiler checks and installations in another local area.

Gas Emergencies

Perhaps the biggest worry is a smell of gas. This can not only indicate a boiler issue, but it could also be very dangerous because it might potentially cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Always call the gas emergency line on 0800 111 999 to get this checked out right away. Remember to turn off all your gas appliances using the emergency control valve by the gas meter, and open your windows to allow any trapped gas to escape.

Finally, strange noises coming from the boiler could indicate a problem with the heat exchanger. If water temperature keeps changing, it could be an issue with the circulator pump and can be highly annoying for someone in the middle of a shower!


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