How people have successfully blocked a drain.

Ideally you should not be looking to block a drain in the first place. The sense of horror you feel as the water starts to come back at you is not a pleasant one. It’s a good thing then that if you happen to accidently do what these people have done, then a quick call to  a Drain Unblocking Bristol based company such as the one in the link will see the problem solved.

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  1. Nappies. There is the tale of the new Dad who thought that the only way to dispose of his baby’s mounting waste was a quick flush. Not a good idea. Nappies expand and should go in a bag and then in the bin.

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  1. Wet Wipes. Oh dear. This follows on from the Nappie experience as the wet wipe is a god send for anyone trying to clean up a baby after the nappie has been filled or they need to wipe the sticky mess off a child’s face. Sadly, wet wipes do not break down like normal paper and they get caught and start to clog. Again, they should go into the bin.
  2. Fat’s. When they are hot they are all running liquid and it seems easy to just pour it down the plug hole. Unfortunately as the fat begins to cool it goes back to a solid state and sticks to everything. The easiest thing to do is pour it into a container and wait for it to set. It can make a good bird feeder with nuts.

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