How students can get a refund on their TV license

Going away to university is an exciting yet expensive time. Not only are you thrust into a world where you must learn to live independently, but you are also in charge of financial decisions that you may not yet have experienced. The TV license is an essential cost for most students, but not many know that they may be entitled to a refund once they move home.

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Can you claim a refund?

Students who are leaving their student residence for the summer may be eligible to receive a refund of up to £50 from their TV License. Since 2017, those who move away from the address covered by the TV license may qualify for a partial refund. If they have paid in advance for the year and have moved to another property covered by a different TV license, a refund could be issued if they can prove that their original license is no longer required.

This means that students who bought their TV license at the start of the academic year and moved out at the beginning of the summer could pocket a refund of around £50.50. All they must do is provide evidence, such as an end of tenancy agreement, through the TV licensing website to get the refund processed.

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Do you need a TV license?

With online streaming sites such a Netflix becoming more popular with students, some may be wondering if they are required to buy a TV license upon their return to their student accommodation once the new term begins. If only Netflix is used, a TV license may not be needed. Those in doubt should ensure that they do not watch or record any live television before deciding that they no longer require one.

Those who plan on getting a TV license to watch their favourite shows should also make sure that the property is set up to watch television. In Bristol TV aerial installation can be a quick and easy process, so it is worth doing your research to find the right Bristol TV aerial installation ready for when you move in.

A TV license can be an unwelcome cost to life as a student, so if you believe that you may be entitled to a refund, get in touch with TV Licensing today.

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