How to Choose a Local Courier

There are many delivery options open to individuals and businesses today. You want to look for a reliable courier who will treat your deliveries with kid gloves. For local deliveries, we explain how to find the most economical and efficient courier service.

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Small carriers don’t have to send your parcels to a regional hub for sorting like big-name carriers. Your items will only be in transit when they are en route to their destination. Your packages will be sent from a place of your choosing straight to the recipient.


This is important to prevent parcels getting lost and gives peace of mind to sender and recipient. Always check to see if a courier offers this service.

PDA devices may be used to automatically send a signature of the item’s arrival to the client. Other delivery information can be available at one’s fingertips.

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Customer Care

With a small local courier, the advantage is that you can get through to someone on the phone who can help answer your every question. A dispatcher will always be available to take care of your logistical requirements.

If you are solely based online, your courier service may be the only human contact your customers have with your firm. It is crucial to carefully choose who will represent your business when delivering to customers.


Shop around on price – try online comparison websites. Get at least five quotes: note that the cheapest option may not be the best. Always do research on firms before choosing. The Shiply website allows you to read reviews from past customers.


If you want the customer to have their item immediately, then choose a same-day or overnight courier. Otherwise you could arrange a tailored service with your courier of choice.

If you are looking for a same day courier Birmingham, firms such as All About Freight provide Same Day Courier services in Birmingham.

More information on choosing a courier is available here:


Your courier should be professional in all aspects. How will they appear to your customers? Will they wear a uniform? Research the quality of their customer service and read up on their policies to find out what happens if things go wrong. It may be that you use different couriers for international and local deliveries.

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