How to choose the right music to play in your store

With the impact of online shopping and ever decreasing numbers of people visiting our high streets, retail businesses need to be focusing, more than ever, on the shopping experience of their customers. This of course encompasses the service that they receive as well as the environment in which they shop.

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Music for Business that is specifically designed for each unique retail environment can help to enhance the environment around you. In order to make sure that you are making the most of the music that you play it is important to go through a number of different steps.

  1. Know your customers – this is important for many aspects of your business from knowing what items to stock right through to the best channels to use to market to them. When you truly know your customer demographics inside and out you can make sure that everything you do appeals to them and enhances their shopping experience with you. When it comes to selecting the music that you play, your customer profiling will be important in finding music that fits in with their values and the ways in which they shop in your store. This also helps to prevent the owner of the business just selecting music that they enjoy, rather than music that will enhance their store environment.
  2. Volume – when it comes to playing music there is of course a line between silence and it being too loud. Trial and error will determine the right volume for your business and over a short period of time you will find the point at which the music is at the correct level. In essence you want the music to be loud enough to be heard and to drown out any of the everyday sounds that can be heard, but not so loud that people can’t hear one another or are distracted from looking at the items you have for sale.

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  1. Seasonality – Christmas songs are often played in stores just after Bonfire Night and for some this helps to create a mood for people to start thinking about the gifts that they want to buy and the treats that they want to get themselves for the festive season. But like anything you can be too soon with seasonal occurrences like this. Once again, this comes back to knowing your customers inside and out and fitting your music around them.

Most importantly, you should take your time and do your research to ensure that you find the best fit for your business and your customers.

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