How to Communicate Your Web Design Brief

Nobody seeks out a complete website redesign unless the present site isn’t working. Yet far too many redesigned websites fall prey to the exact same problems which led to the redesign in the first place. And the reason for that is almost always down to the client brief.

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If you think your current website isn’t performing as well as it should, then you need to prepare a comprehensive brief for your design team to ensure that your new website performs at optimum levels. Here are some points to bear in mind.

Analyse Your Current Website’s Statistics

Both you and your new design team need to look carefully at your current site’s analytic data to find out what’s going wrong. Are there certain pages or issues which are creating high customer dropout rates? How long do visitors spend on your site before leaving? It’s only by understanding what isn’t working with your current site that you can fully understand how to correct those issues with your new one.

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Analysing website data doesn’t come easily to most business managers, but a good web design team should be able to offer assistance. Wherever you are in the UK, you’ll be able to locate trained professionals, such as South Devon Web Design agency, who will be able to offer help and advice in understanding the data.

Navigation and Search Issues

According to Entrepreneur, studying your site’s search data can provide valuable clues to your website’s failings. You need to know what your visitors are searching for, and make sure that you supply that information in your new website.

Understand the Customer Experience

You need to forget about what you would like to see on your website on a personal level and really get into the mind of your intended customer. You already know what your business is about, but you need to try to adopt the mindset of someone approaching your business for the first time. What will they want to know about your business? How can you help them to acquire that information?

Consult Your Customers

Ask some of your current customers what they would like to change about your website. Listen carefully to their suggestions – they are the end users, and their experience on your site should help to inform your decisions about which aspects need addressing.

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