How to enjoy renting

Whether you are new to it or a seasoned pro, it is possible to enjoy renting.

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20% of the population are now renting and it’s believed that this is likely to rise in the future. This means that it really is a renter’s market: landlords are working harder to secure the best renters and are looking to secure longer-term clients, giving you more choice and freedom in your decision.

Renting gives flexibility and choice, but may be challenging. Renters may struggle with nervous landlords, who may themselves have previously stressed with asking ‘how will I sell my property in Cheltenham online’. A positive relationship between the parties can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be.

Top tips

To get off to a great start in your renting journey, take advice from those in the know. Experienced companies, such as, understand the challenges of both parties in securing the best rental relationships and can help with common questions and dilemmas.

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Here are our tips for making your next home the best one yet:

1. Get to know your landlord and show them that you’ll look after their property and treat it as your own. This is essential for establishing trust, but also helps when resolving minor issues such as repairs.

2. Believe the property is your own. Regardless of your lease agreement, it is your home. You’ve paid for it and your landlord wants you to enjoy it. Get comfy, relax and be proud of your new place!. Don’t forget to store away any packaging boxes, in case you move on.

3. Make your mark. We all know how important it is to have your homely possessions around you, so it makes sense to do so in your rented home. Ask your landlord if you can hang pictures and paint walls – if you have a good relationship, you may be surprised. If you can’t, you can still add cushions and throws and, of course, make your bedroom the ultimate boudoir.

4. Pay on time. It’s important to remember that any landlord will want to be paid when you agreed. This not only builds trust, but means that the landlord can pay their own mortgage. If there are any difficulties, speak to your landlord and discuss how you move forward. It really will help.

Happy renting!

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