How to handle a workplace party

Got an office party coming up or an annual corporate summer event? Attending social gatherings in the workplace can be awkward with many not sure how they should behave. You want to let your hair down and have fun but also remember that you need to face your co-workers in a professional manner after the party! Here are some handy tips to allow you to have fun and retain your reputation:

Don’t get drunk

If alcohol is being served, it’s ok to partake but don’t go overboard. You’ll want to keep your wits about you. Alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions and can affect best judgement – neither one of which is a good idea in front of your boss. Silly mistakes or downright terrible behaviour could result in you becoming the subject of much workplace gossip, or worse still, getting sacked. Know what your limits are and stick to them.

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An office party is not a singles bar

Getting socially acquainted with colleagues is not the same as flirting and hitting on them. After a couple of drinks and in a more relaxed environment, it can be easy to start to view a colleague in a different light than when you pass each other at the photocopier. Beware of office romances and especially one-night stands!

Include activities

Rather than just mixing and drinking, activities can help provide a distraction, focus and purpose to your event. Organised games are a great ice-breaker and can encourage team morale and communication skills. A perfect piece of party equipment to encourage participation and fun memories is a Photo booth Hire Gloucester.

Keep your phone out of sight

Employers put on parties and events to reward their staff and give them time to do something fun together. Don’t waste this opportunity by spending the whole time peering at your screen. Get into the here and now. If you do need to check your phone, do it somewhere private. A lack of engagement will be noticed and not appreciated.

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Don’t gossip

Gossip is never nice, whether you’re the one at the receiving end or the one dishing it out. Don’t fill in awkward silences with colleagues by grumbling about others. Workplaces are small when it comes to word getting around and you’d look very unprofessional if word got back to him or her about what you’d been saying.

Don’t bring uninvited plus ones

Workplace parties or occasions are usually for employees only. Don’t just assume that you can bring your partner or best mate without checking first. Turning up with an uninvited guest might annoy your boss, make your colleagues feel uncomfortable or worse still, make your guest feel unwelcome.

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