How to organise a made to order campervan

buying a custom vw van

Buying a classic campervan is a good way to invest your money and you can even get a made to order campervan to ensure it meets all your needs. Creating a bespoke campervan is exciting and you will need to think about everything from your budget through to the design concept. VW Campers for sale can be found online and you can contact a specialist company to find out how a campervan can be built or adapted to your own specifications.

buying a custom vw van

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Bay windows

If you choose to have bay windows added to your campervan, then you can expect the company to also offer a variety of other handy services such as respraying, reconditioning the engine and gearbox, recovering the seats and adding bespoke cabinetry. You should be able to choose between different styles, colours and layouts to create a personalised campervan to suit your style.

Split screens

For those of you who would prefer to have split screens, you will be able to enjoy all the above plus a few extras such as a near-complete mechanical replacement, right hand drive conversion and power steering.

According to the Telegraph, the British love doing up their campervans. What better way to start than with your very own customer built van?

The work that goes into creating a personalised VW campervan will start in the body shop and will cover everything from the paintwork and the electrics through to the mechanics and the exterior. The campervan will be stripped down so that the company can thoroughly clean it using a process called soda blasting. After it has been prepped for design, you will then need to choose which colour you want your campervan to be ‒ both inside and out ‒ and once all the bodywork has been done it is time for the rewiring. Attention then move to the engine to ensure it runs smoothly, and finally the interior. Campervan restorers such as sell vw campervans and also offer a made to order service that allows you to create your very own custom built campervan to take out onto the open roads.

Being able to drive off in your very own, bespoke VW campervan is a fantastic way to enjoy being a proud campervan owner.

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