How to Party Smart

Everyone likes to let their hair down and indulge in some partying. None more so than students and young people away from home for the first time. If you love clubbing, going to the pub, attending concerts or staging your own house parties, then there are a number of things you should consider keeping you and your mates safe. Safe partying is still partying but without the nightmare of something terrible happening when you’re vulnerable. Here are some helpful tips:

Some of the things that can happen when young people go out clubbing or to a party:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Temptation to drink drive
  • Having unprotected sex
  • Taking a drug overdose
  • Having a drink spiked
  • Being sexually assaulted
  • Becoming involved in a fight
  • Getting injured
  • Being arrested

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How you can party smart:

You don’t have to take drugs or drink alcohol to have fun but if you do, eat a proper meal before drinking as this will slow the alcohol absorption.

Don’t let others top up your drinks and never accept a drink from a stranger or leave your drink unattended.

  • Stay with your friends, don’t split up and never be tempted to walk home alone.
  • Carry condoms on you if you think there’s a chance you might be having sex. If you don’t use precaution and have multiple partners, be prepared to need Chlamydia Testing kits London. Chlamydia Testing kits London available online at can be used at home and are a great private way of detecting if you’ve contracted an STI.
  • Don’t get into a car with a driver you know has been drinking or taking drugs. Never get into a car if a stranger offers you a lift.
  • Trust your gut feelings and leave a party or venue, with a trusted friend, if you feel vulnerable or unsafe.

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Have a plan

Always know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and home again. Make sure you have enough money for a taxi or have a sober nominated driver.

  • Always have a back-up plan if the first plan falls through.
  • Decide before you go out that you’ll stick together and look out for each other.
  • Only take enough cash with you for a certain number of drinks and don’t take any plastic with you. This way you can pace yourself, not overspend and wake up with a relatively clear head the next morning.
  • Be aware that in many places it is illegal to drink alcohol in public places and it’s illegal everywhere to use or conceal illicit drugs. You could be arrested for simply be drunk in public which could have a negative impact on future job or travel hopes.

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