Important things to check when buying or renting a house

When you come to buy or rent a new property there are a number of things you need to look out for. Apart from gas, electricity and water issues, there are also considerations regarding the size of rooms, the number of bathrooms, storage solutions and parking spaces for cars. However, the most important things to check are related to safety, structural issues, electricity and plumbing.

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Mould and damp

One of the first concerns is the structural issues of the property which could be aggravated by things such as mould or damp problems. Any issues with mould could be simple to fix but if it is related to roof problems or other structural issues it could get expensive. This is why you need a surveyor to do a thorough check of the property. Always make sure you use a fully qualified chartered surveyor who is registered with RICS.

Sinks, drains and flushes

It is important to check the water drainage in the property. Run taps and flush the toilets to check on this. If it is slow to drain from sinks or pools high in the toilet bowl this could indicate a problem with the pipes, such as blockages. A plumber should be able to diagnose and treat the issue. You should also run the shower to check the water pressure.

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Plumbers such as or another expert service can provide plumber services in Dublin and other cities. Plumbing issues should be dealt with by the property owner before you buy the house or you might be able to knock money off the asking price if there is a known problem.

Check the boiler

Boilers are notoriously expensive to replace so check on the condition of this. You should know how old the boiler is so you know if this will be an expense to budget for in the near future. An old boiler can add a lot to your heating bills so this is an important concern.

Check any leaks

Look out for rusty marks or water stains on carpets and mould marks on ceilings or walls. Anything like this could indicate a leak somewhere. This could be leaks in a pipe or leaks in the roof, but either way, this could be an expense and it needs checking out sooner rather than later.

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