Infinite scrolling, infinite possibilities

In the past, web pages felt fairly restrictive. They were rigid little windows that could be spruced up with engaging interface elements and intriguing content, but ultimately they were limited as a result of being finite by design.

In recent years, the rise of social media has helped to popularise infinite scrolling as a site attribute, enabling visitors to keep moving down a page indefinitely, encountering new content as they progress.

Infinite scrolling

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The key benefit of infinite scrolling is the level of engagement it generates with visitors, ensuring that their eye is always being caught by something new and discouraging them from heading elsewhere to get their digital fix.

To work out whether infinite scrolling is a web design direction worth pursuing, it’s a good idea to get in touch with experts such as those at Gloucester SEO agency Digi-tel to learn about the potential impact it might have on your search rank. What are the basic elements of this approach and which sites are best suited to embracing it?

Unquestionable Efficiency

For businesses building sites in an era of mobile dominance, the limitations of the devices that visitors will be using to view pages need to be taken into consideration. Infinite scrolling helps to make sites more mobile-friendly in two key ways.

First, the infinite approach means that content is loaded automatically and sequentially, ensuring that the initial loading of the page occurs quickly and that the amount of information included is not overbearing for those using a sluggish wireless connection.

Second, an infinite scrolling design will be particularly well suited to touchscreen devices, with pages feeling responsive and tactile in one fell swoop. Just make sure that a Gloucester SEO agency lets you know that content is optimised for this type of environment.

Subtle Storytelling

Scrolling is not just a way to navigate a website. It is also a medium that modern marketers can use to convey narratives that develop and build as users scroll further down the page.

This has been put to good use on a wide range of sites in the past couple of years, with scrolling enabling interactive experiences to be integrated with articles and content of all types. Experimenting with this type of web design is sensible if your site is stuck in a rut and you want to give it a push in the right direction.

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