Interior Trends for 2018

If you’re looking to freshen up your interiors this year and want to stay on-trend, here are the fashions to follow for 2018.

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Think Bold

For 2018, colour palettes are getting bolder, so now is the time to ditch safe but boring neutral tones and opt for brighter shades instead. Interior design experts reckon reds, blues and greens will be favourites, but moody tones will also dominate this year. According to Ideal Home, navy, violet and emerald green are all key colours for 2018. Sticking to the moody theme, photographic pieces and statement art that can exude a moody vibe will also be in demand this year.

Vintage Accessories

Vintage styling never really goes out of fashion, but it will become more of a feature in homes this year as trendsetters seek to incorporate unique vintage finds into their home. From furniture to furnishings, ornaments and fabrics, the opportunities for injecting an element of vintage into your interiors are unlimited.

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Dark Woods

It used to be that pale bleached woods were all the rage, thanks to influences from Scandi styling, but this year things are set to change. For 2018, it will be darker tones of wood that set the stage, oozing a glamorous retro vibe. Brass fittings will also top the interior charts this year.

Larger Fixtures

Fixtures are getting bigger this year as homeowners look to create centrepieces in a room that provide an instant wow factor. Lighting will be a key element in achieving this look, with statement lamps, large pendant lights and bespoke lighting, such as that from, all set to bask in the limelight this year.

Botanical Prints

Nature-inspired prints may be perennially popular in the home, but this year there will be a difference in the scale of the prints. Instead of large patterns and striking designs, botanical prints will be small-scale, as though just replicated from an artist’s notebook.

Wider Wood

Thinking of getting new flooring installed in 2018? To make sure you stay bang on-trend, think oversized planks of wood. Standard planks are so yesterday as trendsetters seek out more expansive planks, starting at five inches wide at least.


Terrazzo tiling with its colour-splattered effect was a firm favourite of the 1970s, and although it fell out of fashion after that, it is set to make a comback this coming year.

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