Is building your own home the answer?

It’s hard to avoid news stories about the housing market nowadays. Concerns over a shortfall in housing and difficulties for first time buyers mean that the sector is constantly under scrutiny. Perhaps it therefore comes as little surprise that more and more people are considering bypassing the traditional route of house buying and choosing to build their own dream home instead.

Is building your own home the answer

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It is not the most straightforward option, but for many it is an incredibly rewarding experience. The benefits of undertaking such a project are clear: you can customise every little detail; you will have full control of the design; in essence, you can create your dream home. Even the government are recommending self-building as a cost effective choice, but knowing what to do and what to avoid is a must if it is something you are seriously considering.

The benefits of a self-build property

First and foremost, data suggests that well-managed self-build projects should save homeowners money in the long run. But to get the home of your dreams at as low a price as possible, you must make sure you create a credible budget with enough flexibility to deal with any potential problems.

Secondly, building your own home means truly putting your own stamp on your property. Whether you are eco-conscious or style savvy, designing and building your own home can allow you to include a range of desirable features without fuss or disruption. Maybe you want to include luxurious under-floor heating throughout, or are keen to make your home super safe with Automist systems; either way, having such inclusions from the start can cut costs dramatically.

Sticking to the budget

The afore-mentioned budget is an all-important aspect of any building project as it can be easy to get carried away. If you are confident that you are in a financially capable position to take on such a responsibility, your primary task is to find land, construction workers, architects and all the trimmings that your house will need, to fit in your proposed budget. It is of course possible that you may choose to do much of the work yourself while living on site in order to save money on rent or mortgage payments elsewhere.  Bear in mind the cost for the furnishings too, shop around and contact the relevant wholesalers who are right for the product in question, from boilers to towel radiators like that sold at

However, you may prefer to hand over to the experts when it comes to key parts of the construction. It might be using a company to advise on fire safety in your new home, or employing an award-winning architect to match your artistic vision – whatever and whoever you choose will need to be accounted for in your budget, but when it comes to your dream home only the best should do..

Don’t forget planning permission

Of course all of these bright ideas could easily fall by the wayside if something incredibly significant is ignored: planning permission! Nowadays applications can even be made online, so there is no excuse for skipping this vital step.

Make sure you prepare and check meticulously in order to see your planning permission through. For as much as it can be a long and arduous journey, building your own home can provide great returns in more ways than one.

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