Is relocation right for you?

There’s something infinitely exciting about spending time in a different place. Unfamiliar food, sights, and smells, new things to try and cool places to explore – these experiences feed into a sense of freedom that creates a pull that can be difficult to resist.

Is relocation right for you

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This is what motivates many people to consider relocating, especially if key aspects of life feel stale, or on hold. Whatever the motivation, every year lots of people decide that swapping countryside life for big city living, and vice versa, seems like a good idea, while some choose to make the jump across water and try life in a whole new country or continent!

Whether you are driven by the need for better weather, a livelier social life, a romantic relationship or a job, it is important to make absolutely sure that relocation is the right decision for you.

Be realistic

Moving to live in a place where you have been on holiday needs careful thought, as no matter how amazing your break there was, living in a place is never the same. That’s not to say it can’t be a wonderful experience, but things like work, budgeting, and all the domestic duties you never think about while away make everyday life a little more ordinary than you may be prepared for.

Do your homework

If you are looking at relocating abroad, you need to be both realistic and practical. Can you deal with a new language, unfamiliar insect life forms, extreme weather?

Try ‘remote living’ first

Some good advice is to use online resources to look into the everyday life of residents. Local newspapers, online chat groups, Facebook communities, yearly weather reports, and Google Streetview should give you a decent idea whether it will suit your personality and lifestyle.

You can adopt this technique to look at work opportunities, or to choose the best neighbourhood to live in.

Company organized moves

For some people, relocation is connected to their work, and whether domestic or international, the entire process will probably be managed by an employee relocation company such as

In these circumstances, provision is generally made for orientation and living support, though some of the ideas mentioned here will still be useful. Relocating isn’t the right move for everyone, but with good support and a positive attitude, it can be a new adventure.

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