Recycle and Upcyle – Clever hacks for pallets

Ah, the wooden pallet. It spends a large part of it’s working existence supporting goods both heavy and light in warehouses but what happens to it when it finally reaches the end of its working life? I imagine that most of you are thinking the same as I was, namely, firewood, but this is very limited and there are a variety of things that can be made and done with pallets that have been already been used.

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A used pallet racking Ireland company such as the one in the link have got plenty of used ones for you and here’s just some of the things you could do with them.

  1. Build a pallet wall. Nailed together they make a quick and easy fence. Most are already treated but a quick bit of outdoor paint and you are good to go. Saves on fencing certainly.
  2. A Bin store. Why bother forking out for an expensive one from a shop. You’ll only need 4 or 6 decent pallets to cover the wheelies.
  3. A summer house den for the kids. Taking care to paint it and possibly line it to avoid splinters a good dozen pallets can make an impressive Fort or Wendy House.

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Get some used pallets and get creative.

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