Keep your central heating in top condition for Christmas

Nobody wants to deal with problems like blocked drains and burst pipes at any time of year, but such problems can turn into a real nightmare if they happen at Christmas. With a house full of family and presents under the tree, plumbing issues are certainly an unwelcome guest. So, don’t let the Grinch steal your Christmas and make some checks on your plumbing system before December descends.

Pipe Insulation

An easy and quick way to prevent your pipes from freezing this winter is to insulate them. A top-quality lagging will ensure the heat stays in and will make your central heating more efficient and save you some money on your energy bills.

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Ensure your gutters are clear

Just as we keep our internal drains clear, we should also check our outside ones too. They can become blocked with leaves, grass and other debris, wreaking havoc when water can’t drain away properly.

No oil pouring

Any grease going down the sink is a bad idea, but oil is a definite no-no. During colder weather, it’s far more likely to solidify and completely block your drain. Once you’ve cooked your turkey and roast potatoes, leave the fat to harden and then dispose of it in the bin.

Leave the heating on

If you’re not spending Christmas at home this year, consider setting a timer to have your central heating come on for a couple of hours, twice a day while you’re away. This will help to keep your home at a temperature where pipes won’t freeze and crack. Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on things while you’re away too.

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If you suspect anything is not as is should be with your central heating or plumbing, contact Forest of Dean Boiler Installation at

The best way to enjoy the season is having an A-rated boiler installed. If your boiler is old, it’s more prone to breaking down or costing you more in inefficient operating. If you suspect you have heating problems, you might have noticed the following issues:

  • Radiators that are cold in patches, especially the bottom.
  • A boiler that makes a lot of noise when its on and even cuts out completely.
  • On bleeding the radiators, you notice a discolouration of the water.
  • Your heating takes too long to fire up.

Whether you have one or more of the above symptoms, you could well have some plumbing problems that need addressing. More than two of the above issues and your system could benefit from a power flush of the whole system at least.

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