Learning to drive. What to expect on you first go.

When you hit 17 you can finally start to learn to drive. That’s rather good news isn’t it? Your own set of wheels and the sense of freedom that that brings. There is a bit of a problem though you’re going to have learn how to drive a car first. You’re going to have to pass yet another test to prove that you can do it properly and safely. Well there’s a surprise, GCSEs, A and AS levels, GNVQ, BTEC yep it’s that time of your life when its all tests. Luckily though help is at hand as you can get a Driving instructor Market Harborough or anywhere for that matter to help you and guide you through the difficulties of mastering a motor car to a rudimentary required standard. In other words, they’ll help you pass the driving test. You might want to have a quick look at what to expect from the first lesson. Here are a few things so you’re not coming into it completely unawares.

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Firstly, despite your hopes the driving instructor is not going to turn up in a Ferrari 812 Superfast or an Audi R8. There is a reason for that, they are very expensive and powerful and its highly likely that you’ll embedded the car into something. Instead they will come in a nice sensible first car like a Nissan Micra or Ford Fiesta. Now, whilst that might not seem like the flash motor you were hoping for it will give you a nice sense of how to drive which is what we’re after. The instructor will ask you a few questions about what you can see, this usually involves reading out a number plate. This is to test your eyes out, and your ears to see if you’ve heard them ask you to read out a number plate. You’ll then be allowed into the car. Seat belt clicked in, turn engine on and be ready to go.

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One of the things that most learners are concerned about is what if they hit something or something hits them. Don’t worry, the driving instructor will have insurance to cover that. It’s a good idea to obey every driving command that the instructor says because they really know what their doing. One thing to remember they usually have a set of peddles on their side of the car to help you get going, brake etc so you’re not completely left to you own devices.

The instructor will assess if you’ve got any prior experience but generally they will take you round a few quiet roads to get the feel of the car and maybe a few manoeuvres. Don’t worry about the other drivers on the road if you hold them up a bit, everyone has to learn at some point. Although you do find some road users forget that sometimes!

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