Live a life of luxury

What is luxury? The dictionary defines it as a state of great comfort or elegance. An inessential, desirable item which is difficult or expensive to obtain. A pleasure only rarely obtained, it is taken from the Latin word Luxus meaning excess. Does luxury have to be difficult or expensive to obtain these days? Well, it depends on your interpretation of luxury. There doesn’t seem to be one overarching definition to determine what is or is not luxury. We can no longer base interpretations of luxury on cost alone as everyone will have different feelings for what they consider to be luxurious.

A luxury experience is something that makes you feel good or special. For some, that would be checking into a well-known landmark hotel but for others it would be visiting the latest, trendiest boutiques. Luxury in a hotel has to go further than the physical presence and amenities, which are shared by many establishments but means the total package including levels of service.

Luxury would appear to be the very best of whatever it represents. It raises expectations and recognition and delivers promises from the brand’s name. It can be defined by the small attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, a sumptuous environment and good taste.

Others would argue that luxury is all about time and not physical things. In the ultra busy modern digital age, every second counts and when you are given time to tune out and spend time with those you love, then this is the most precious luxury of all. Taking time out from busy schedules, no matter what you do or where you go is considered luxurious by many. Some companies are focusing on providing products or services that aim to give people more time as it has become recognised that time is one of the most valuable things we can have.

Luxury is also happiness to a lot of people. You could be in the most beautiful location in the world but if you’re not happy then you’ll want to leave. You could argue that happiness is not a need but a desire and so does fall into the definition of a luxury. Pleasure and comfort is conducive to happiness and for travelers looking for a luxury trip, they want their dreams to become a reality. They want a service that exceeds their expectations with amazing service where all their needs and wants are fulfilled. In terms of accommodation, it includes concepts like exclusivity, privacy , relaxation, adventure and pampering. For a Luxury B&B Northern Ireland, visit

Live a life of luxury

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Luxury can also be something tangible that you experience with your senses. It could be the touch and feel of fine silk or a plush carpet between your toes. The taste of freshly picked herbs and vegetables, the acoustics of live music in a hall or the beauty and smell of fresh flowers. Luxury should make you feel glad to be alive. Whether you believe that luxury means the most expensive, the thing that gives you more family time or an object that represents the very best of the best – it certainly is an interesting debate.

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