Logistics: Strategies for Success in 2016

Acknowledge Your Strengths

While the advantages of being part of a large logistics organisation may be obvious—from financial to practical—it is important not to overlook your company’s individual strengths.

A small business might have the opportunity to target niche markets, for example, that may not appeal to larger businesses but still provide a vital service. Exact Logistics, for example, has a “final mile” service for small consignments, holding stock to provide deliveries of one and two pallets around the UK.


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Managing director Adam Shuter comments: “If you had a turnover of £100m, would you be interested in our markets? Possibly not… [but] we have built the business around this strategy.”

Have a Cohesive Vision

Identifying and working towards set goals and aims can be an essential part of creating a successful and cohesive working environment. A large organisation with several branches or employees can mix messages or find that their focus has become blurred, with some aims and intentions in several parts of the business that never truly meet. It is important to ensure that everyone is aware of a cohesive mission statement and adapts their area and role to fit with it at all times, whether it is on a large or small scale.

Go the Extra Mile

Be prepared to make your business and services attractive to potential clients so that you can get and keep those all-important contracts. Price effectively and realistically, but do not be tempted to price aggressively. Personal relationships, networking, attention and good customer service are all essential. Be realistic about what you can do, and then do it exceptionally well.

Don’t Skimp on Machinery

Packaging, pallet wrapping machines, and other forms of equipment are the difference between meeting needs effectively and completely disrupting an order. Make sure you have sourced reliable equipment from reputable retailers such as www.packaging-machines.co.uk, many of whom can provide you with replacement machinery while yours is being repaired.


A wide variety of potential investors are available to those who are willing to ask, including banks, acquaintances, and family and friends. It is always wise to do your research online first. Trustworthy sites such as GOV.UK’s business finance can provide a good starting point.

With a bit of creativity and good practise, 2016 can be your most successful year to date.

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