Making sure that you don’t lose any heat out the attic.

Come the winter, come the cold weather. However, trying to find ways to keep the heat in your home is pretty hard to achieve but there are ways to minimise the seeping of warmth out of the home. We are all very much aware of the rising cost of fuels and with natural gas and oil running out, the way the humble radiator is powered will have to change. Rather than turn up that massive bill for heating what can you do to reduce the heat you put in in the first place, One of the most surprising places for heat loss is your ceiling lights. Downlight Covers help to channel the heat from ceiling lights so that are pushed down into the room. As your lights blaze away, including low energy ones, they generate heat and this can be harvested. Seeing as how you are going to have them on anyway you might as well get a double use out of them. Go to to have a look at the available options.

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There are three primary ways that heat escapes from the house. Luckily it is very easy to do something about it. The first way is through the windows. You’d be amazed at how much gets through a pane of glass. The first response is to look at getting double glazing and if you are really committed you can get  triple glazed. If that is a little beyond the budget console yourself that pretty much all new builds have it as standard and a nice pair of thick curtains can also help.

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The second way is through the main doors, front and back. This is the problem of draughts. The windows are covered by the double glazing but the gap under the door is not. The use of a draught excluder is a very good idea. One of the best things about this idea is that it is very cheap and easy to do.

Finally there is the attic. While it may be a place you keep the christmas decorations and that hideous present that Aunt Joan bought you, that you are obliged to get out when she comes around, it is also a cavity that can become very cold. Hot air rises and if it has a cold space to go to it will try and warm it. This means the radiators are working overtime to try and generate the warmth to do it. Lagging and insulating the loft means that the warm are hits the ceiling and stops. Warmer house warmer you.

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