Northern Ireland’s Affordable Warmth Energy Scheme: the Essentials

Many people who live in Northern Ireland are now eligible for the government’s Affordable Warmth Scheme, which offers a package of heating measures specifically tailored to their household. To be eligible, homeowners or renters need to have a gross annual income of less than £20,000. There are various measures available for people who are eligible for the scheme, including replacement radiators, insulation and more.

Northern Irelands Affordable Warmth Energy Scheme

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There are a few stipulations for eligibility for the Northern Ireland Affordable Energy Scheme. Renters must be named on the tenancy agreement and the landlord must be registered with the Department for Social Development’s Landlord Registration scheme. Tenants must also have consent from the landlord for any updates, while the landlord must contribute to the updates.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is a concern for homeowners because this is an area where expenses can really add up. In fact, wasted energy around the home is the biggest cause of unnecessary expenditure in household bills. As the BBC reports, there are many ways people can be more energy-conscious, from turning down the thermostat and taking showers rather than baths to washing clothes at 30 degrees.

Another innovative way to save energy is to install solar panels. It has been suggested that solar power could supply 20 per cent of all the energy used worldwide by 2027 if we take into account current technology trends. This is in part due to the fact that solar power costs are falling so quickly, making it easier to harness the power of the sun.

Solar Panels

Although solar power is easier to harness in countries with plenty of annual sunshine, there is fast-growing interest in solar power as an energy source across Northern Ireland, with many people choosing to install solar panels in Belfast. Various companies offer solar panel installation, such as, allowing homeowners to reap the benefits of renewable energy for their homes.

Even for those without solar panels, Northern Ireland’s new scheme offers energy-conscious home occupiers with an income of less than £20,000 many ways to reduce energy consumption. Measures available for those eligible for the scheme include draught-proofing, cavity wall insulation, the installation of natural gas or oil heating, boiler and radiator replacement, and double glazing. All of these measures could reduce annual energy consumption considerably, resulting in a greener environment and large financial savings.

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