Office fads that are current right now

As many companies follow in the footsteps of Google and Facebook, modern office spaces are becoming more eccentric as businesses distance themselves from old fashioned workplaces and create more social spaces to keep their workforce comfortable and engaged. Here is a short rundown of five of the most unconventional additions to modern office spaces.

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Sleep Pods

We’ve all experienced a dip in energy just after lunch, so having a quick power nap after eating doesn’t sound like a bad idea. In some companies you may find sleep pods alongside the usual array of office furniture, allowing workers to rest in preparation for a productive afternoon of work.

Slip Sliding

Popularised by Google, slides have become the new way to travel from upper to lower floors in many office spaces across the world. Now we just need someone to invent a slide that transports you back up to the top floor, as that would surely be more interesting than taking the stairs or the elevator.

Exercise Desks

We all know how unhealthy sitting for extended periods of time is, causing everything from bad posture to back pain. The solution for many office spaces has been innovative adjustable desks, that allow the user to stand or sit depending on their preference. Some companies have taken this one step further, however, by incorporating treadmills to encourage workers to meet their step goal for the day. Perhaps not the most practical idea, but at least the sentiment is there. When you have got staff working out and the summer sun heating your space you will want to make sure you have enough cool air to stop fainting.  An Air conditioning Gloucester company at links like will be able to give you a quote on exactly what you need and help provide expert advice on size and power.
The Games Room

Games of ping pong and table football have been giving workers in modern office spaces across the world a bit of downtime between meetings and emails. Interestingly, Dezeen reports that many office design experts view this shift towards playground style work spaces as detrimental to good design. In reality it is unlikely these games see as much use, but they are probably a fun addition to the annual office party.


Although a presumably more affordable alternative to sleep pods, they are certainly the less comfortable option. Reclining with a laptop to reply to emails whilst trying to balance in a hammock doesn’t sound like fun, which is perhaps why you’ll typically find workers at their distinctly less quirky, but exponentially more practical office desks.


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