Our Favourite Smells

Our sense of smell is highly complex and much of the workings of our olfactory system remains a mystery – such as the link between the brain and the nose. Most humans share similar ideas on things that smell good and things that don’t. What are your favourite smells, and do they match the nation’s chosen scents?

  1. Fresh bread

The smell of freshly baked bread is the nation’s top smell. There is something deliciously tempting about the warm, doughy smell of fresh bread that whets our appetite and makes us feel at ease simultaneously.

  1. Bacon

Whilst vegetarians might disagree with this choice, the nation has spoken, and they love the smell of bacon cooking. Is there a food smell more enticing and bound to make your belly rumble than sizzling bacon in the pan? Serve with eggs or with ketchup on a butty – there’s nothing better than bacon.

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  1. Cut Grass

Whether it’s a sign of pleasant weather on the way or it just smells sweet, freshly cut grass is a smell most often experienced in spring and summer and has positive associations within our brain.

  1. Coffee

This deep, aromatic scent could explain the incredible success of coffee shops in the UK. If we can’t resist the smell of freshly grounded coffee, then we’re going to be drawn to them.

  1. A real Christmas tree

Nobody will criticise you for having an artificial tree, but you can’t beat the fresh pine scent that fills your home when you choose a real tree for Christmas. It’s a smell that says Christmas like no other. For Leicester Real Christmas Trees, visit http://www.welfordchristmastreefarm.co.uk/

  1. Baking Cakes

Similar to the smell of bread baking, the scent of cakes rising in the oven is enough to make you salivate and it’s no surprise it makes it onto this list.

  1. Seaside

Whilst the smell of rotting seaweed is none too pleasant, it’s safe to assume that this refers to the scent of salt in the air, the waft of doughnuts and fish and chips floating on the warm breeze.

  1. Laundry

The freshly washed variety of course. Breathing in a deep breath of line-dried freshly washed clothes is a comforting smell that makes us feel at home. Soft, warm laundry fresh from the dryer is a delightful smell too.

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  1. A Sunday Dinner

Meat roasting, veggies boiling and crispy roast potatoes baking in the oven is another homely aroma that comforts us and reminds us of family.

  1. Fish and chips

Who can resist the aroma of salty chips and vinegar on a crispy battered piece of succulent fish? A seaside tradition that evokes happy memories of childhood holidays and Friday night teatime treats.

  1. Fresh flowers

The beautiful scent of natural, fresh flowers is enough to uplift the soul and brighten anyone’s day.

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