PBA Hall of Fame Grows

The PBA Hall of Fame introduced three new members last week, with Grand Casino Hotel resort ceremonies.

Pete Couture, Cocoa, Fl.

Pete Couture’s exceptional record over the course of his ten years as a senior competitor led to his election into the PBA50 Performance category in 1995. He earned Rookie of the Year following a career spanning 24 years as a PBA competitor, during which he achieved five standard PBA titles. Pete has nine PBA50 wins under his belt since 1996, two USBC Senior Masters titles and won Player of the Year in 1998.

Couture speaks highly of the PBA50 Senior Tour, claiming it was a second chance for him to reinvent himself in the PBA world. He considers making it into the Hall of Fame as the highest honour.

Harry O’Neale, Ravenel, S.C.

Harry O’Neale retired in 2011 having spent 31 years working on the PBA South Region’s tournament programme. The programme was a huge success for the organisation, particularly as a proving ground for aspiring young PBA players. Growing the programme from less than 200 members to over 900, O’Neale conducted a staggering 40 plus weekend tournaments annually, clocking up thousands of miles in the process.

O’Neale points out the value of all those working around him and credits them with making his time with the PBA so rewarding. He asserts that achieving the Hall of Fame honour is all the more special for the fact that, despite giving many away over the years, he didn’t receive too many awards himself.

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Danny Schreiner, Akron, Ohio.

Schreiner joined the PBA media team following his graduation from the University of Akron as PBA Tour Broadcast Director. He was then the voice of the PBA for ESPN television from 1986 until 1995, where his knowledge as a bowler quickly made him an extremely popular play-by-play announcer. Schreiner, who worked alongside Mike Durbin, also a Hall of Fame member, remembers the time with the PBA fondly. He admits he worked with some great people and once given the job refused to let go!

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