Constant Storms and Cold Weather – How to prepare for colder times

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2020 has seen some rather unsettling weather of late with Ciara and Dennis causing havoc across the UK. If the wet weather hasn’t been enough we are set for a cold front coming in. Therefore we thought we would provide you with some practical preparations for the upcoming patterns to make the home nice and snug.


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New Thermal Curtains

Curtains are one of the more prominent features of a room’s décor, yet also one of the easiest to replace. They also play a noticeable role in keeping a room warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient, as a lot of heat is lost through windows and curtains can add valuable insulation. Taking the opportunity to treat yourself to a nice new set of curtains can be an easy way to refresh a room’s look. It those happen to be nice, thick, thermal curtains with an insulating lining then this will also help you prepare your home for cold weather.

Radiator Preparation

Your radiators have likely been sitting unused for several months, so it’s a good idea to check them. At first, this is a purely practical matter. Check whether they might need bleeding in order to work effectively, and look for any signs that they might need to be replaced.

Aesthetically, you might want to give tired and worn-looking radiators a coat of paint – much easier when you can still get away with not using them for a day or two – to avoid spoiling the look of a room. If they are getting rather old and worn, though, things get really interesting. Then, you might want to consider preparing for winter and enhancing your home’s look with a designer radiator or two, such as those available from


Carpets, and perhaps more to the point underlay, also have a role to play in a home’s warmth. This is mostly for homes of more than one storey: as heat rises, insulating flooring on upper levels helps keep the lower levels warm.

If you’re up for the somewhat bigger job of replacing carpets, a room can really be transformed. Good new carpets with thick, thermal underlay will also serve the double purpose of adding extra insulation to keep heat inside your home.

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