Quick to buy a monitor guide all you need to know

Whether for use with your desktop or as an auxiliary screen of your laptop, choosing a monitor should not be something that we pay attention to us. But finding the monitor that best suits the features we need is not a trivial task.

In this short guide we are going to give some tips and tell you about what you should consider when buying a monitor for your computer.

Size and resolution, in search of better balance

It’s time to choose a new monitor to your place of work and leisure or diagonal screen size is the first thing that probably go to look. Maybe even be all that input have decided.

As you require or the size of the room, a correct size could be today between 22 and 25 inches. 27-inch models are optimal size if the viewing distance is sufficient in your case, and you will thank.

The other aspect that we appreciate input is the panel resolution. More affordable than usual and often have a panel of 1080p, but there are numerous good models or 4K UHD, which will give us good results only if you own a team able to move that amount of pixels. There are even models 5K (both Dell and HP for example) that are impressive.

To play , right now it is more advisable to have a 1080p display. And beware of the combination of size and resolution because you have to make demands a minimum. For example, if you opt for a model 27-inch diagonal because you feel like that, but you stay in 1080p resolution, the density is below 100 ppi we regard as minimum starting point for work or leisure.

In the aspect ratio, the market has imposed the 16:9 format but both work with high diagonals and many windows as in the multimedia section, 21:9 is gaining integers.

Panel type, there is the main difference in price

Why is there such a difference in price of some monitors that are apparently similar? The reason you must search type panel. It depends largely on the quality that gives us the beautiful and therefore the price.

The three reference panels are TN, VA which is a variation of the above, and finally, the IPS panel, we all associate with better image quality, especially for the most faithful representation of intense color, as well as its viewing angles. In contrast, the response time is usually greater and also the price.

Unless specifically looking for an IPS panel for games is recommended panel type TN or VA for best refresh rate and speed of response. Less than 60 Hz should never allow it at this stage. If you are a gamer and you have also some graphic technology synchronization with the monitor, ensure compatibility.

We spent the sphere of connectivity. According to the use that we will give, we have a USB hub or accessory may be necessary, but it is interesting that at least one of them allows us to charge portable devices. These USB ports are highly valued today at a desk.

But the key to connectivity monitor is in the video ports. The more we will take and we should not buy a monitor without him, is the HDMI. Obtain image quality, sound and many possibilities to use the monitor as beyond computer screen. VGA, DVI and other ports and it will depend on what we need on our current computer, whether desktop or laptop.

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