Reasons to use latex-free condoms

There are plenty of reasons that latex was first used to create condoms: it’s strong, light and highly elastic, stretching 800 times before breaking. However, many men are allergic to this natural material, which can quickly spoil your fun. If you want to enjoy a safe sex life, there are latex-free alternatives that not only are free from allergens but can provide a superior experience, too.

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Make the switch for pain-free sex

Nothing’s worse than that itchy, painful, burning sensation that means you’ve had an allergic reaction to a latex condom. But did you know that many men prefer latex-free condoms even though they don’t have an allergy? That’s because latex alternatives are often thinner and much more sensitive, giving heightened and intense pleasure. Some men say the sensation is almost the same as having sex without a condom at all.

The benefits of going latex-free

The main alternatives to latex condoms are polyurethane and polyisoprene, so look out for them when you collect your free condoms in Greenwich from a drop-in centre like

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Polyurethane condoms are extremely thin and transfer body heat more effectively than latex condoms for a much more intimate and heightened sensation. You can use any oil or water-based lube you like; unlike, latex they won’t be damaged by baby oil, for example. Unfortunately, they lack the stretch of latex, meaning they’re more prone to breakage.

Polyisoprene is naturally latex-free. It is a synthetic version of a natural product derived from the hevea tree, and it behaves much more like latex than polyurethane does. That means it has high elasticity and stretches like latex for fewer breakages. The downside? They are not quite as thin as polyurethane condoms, but they still give a great sensation of nakedness to enhance your pleasure and intimacy.

Neither alternative has that latex rubber smell that can be quite off-putting, making non-latex condoms a good alternative even if you do not suffer from a reaction.

The verdict

Everyone’s sexual pleasure zones are different, and if you’re not allergic to latex, you may be quite happy to keep using latex condoms. If you do suffer a reaction or you just want to try a new and safe sensation, you might just find that the latex-free varieties become your new favourite condoms.

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