Reasons you might need a solicitor

Wondering if you need the services of a solicitor? There are many situations that could require the hiring of a solicitor, many of them potentially stressful situations, so hiring a professional, trusted one, with whom you can build a good relationship, is paramount. A qualified solicitor can help you with legal proceedings and may also act as your legal representation. They will be experts in law and assist you in making some of the most difficult decisions in life to do with family, property, business and many other life events.

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A solicitor can help with:

Matters relating to property – buying and selling (conveyancing), landlord disputes, buy to let and planning permission.

Family matters – Divorce, disputes, child support.

Work matters – Starting a business, employer/employee disputes, insolvency and bankruptcy, intellectual property.

Life events – legal disputes, power of attorney, will-making, probate.

How much does a solicitor cost?

The fees will greatly depend on what work they carry out on your behalf. Routine legal matters such as wills and conveyancing will have fairly predictable fees. Ongoing legal cases can soon begin to add up though, so it’s always wise to discuss fees in advance of instructing a solicitor and keep in regular contact with them.

How do I find a solicitor?

There are a multitude of different law branches, such as divorce, property or disputes, so you’ll need to find one with the relevant expertise in the area you’re seeking help with. It’s important to check for qualifications and relevant experience. You have every right to ask as a paying customer.

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Searching online is the most common way to find a solicitor in your area with the relevant expertise. For Solicitors Manchester, visit

On finding a solicitor that you think will meet your needs, a meeting in person is a good idea to see if they are a good choice and that you are happy working with them. They should have a clearly visible practising certificate to show they are qualified and fully insured. If in doubt, you can always check with Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

At the meeting, discuss the process ahead and ask for a breakdown of what you can expect and what might be involved at each stage. It’s a good idea to ask about possible timeframes so you have a basic idea of when each stage might be completed.

It’s important to know what they expect from you too. They might require documentation or information and you wouldn’t want the process to be held up because of something you hadn’t provided. This is why regular communication is vital to a successful relationship.

It’s important that you and your solicitor have a good working relationship and understanding, especially when even the most straightforward of legal proceedings can be very stressful for a client. Having a friendly, professional solicitor at your side can make all the difference.


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