Reflexology Benefits

If you’ve ever had a pedicure and foot massage, then you know just how amazing it feels. There are more sensory nerve endings in the feet than anywhere else in the body which is why treating the feet can feel so good. Reflexology is an alternative treatment that stems from roots way back in ancient Chinese and Egyptians practices and should be used as a supplemental treatment to formal medical advice. There are plenty of scientific studies to back of the claims of the benefits of reflexology and here we look at those benefits:

Improved nerve function – the aging process inevitably leads our nerve endings to become less sensitive, but reflexology has been shown to stimulate over 7000 of these nerve endings in just one session. This stimulation serves to improve function and reactivity. It’s a great way to keep the neural pathways open and receptive, just like our muscles, they could use a work-out every now and then!

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Improved circulation – reflexology has been shown to increase circulation meaning blood and oxygen is carried more effectively through the body. Helping organs and muscles to work better also increases metabolism, resulting in quicker healing times and faster damaged cell regeneration.

Increase energy levels – reflexology is concerned with the proper alignment and functioning of organ and muscle systems and by improving these through circulation and nerve function, you’ll feel better and more energised. If you’d love to put a bounce back in your step, you should definitely give a reflexology session a try. Of course, wearing comfortable and correctly fitted shoes will help keep feet happy. For help with choosing the right pair, visit a Shoe Shop in Gloucester such as

Detox – studies have also shown that reflexology can improve bladder function resulting in less chance of problems relating to the urinary tract. Improving your bladder function is a great way of making your body more efficient at eliminating toxins from the system. This can only help in protecting you from health issues and diseases that could arise from a poorly functioning bladder.

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Headaches – one of the most common applications of reflexology is for the treatment of headaches and migraines. You might think a headache is caused only by tension in muscles around the head and neck, but such tension could be coming from any number of muscles anywhere in the body. Reflexology treatments help to relieve tension and can reduce the severity of pain experienced with persistent headache and migraine.

Relax – such treatments have the ability to relieve stress and place your body into a relaxed state, thanks to open up neural pathways and helping the body to find balance. Reflexology is often used to treat sleep disorders for this very reason. In the same way, it’s a useful treatment for stress and anxiety disorders.

Pregnancy – there are notable benefits to pregnant women too and studies have shown reflexology can help in terms of reducing labour times and the need for pain relief during labour and recovery. Including all the beneficial reasons above, it is also a useful tool in the reduction of post-natal depression, helps the woman’s body to heal quicker and provides that much desired energy boost that we all need when looking after children!

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