Repair and Replace for Greater Security

You may think that your home is safe, and you pay attention to safety. However, there are always times when a lapse in concentration or not having the time for the repair work in our homes, means things are not quite as burglar-safe as we like to think.

Front door

This may come as a surprise, but a great many opportunistic thieves just walk into the house via the front door. If there are overgrown areas, large plants or trees near the house, you could be creating a handy shelter for thieves to lurk. If you suspect that the front door is not visible from the road, then add some additional lighting.

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Most opportunistic thieves do not even have to work very hard. They often go directly into the property through the garage door! Make sure that your garage door is sturdy and has a good locking mechanism. A weak door can be forced to gain entry and if your garage door is old or in disrepair then it is even more vulnerable to someone attempting to gain access. For Garage Door Repairs Bristol, visit a site like Up and Over, providers of Garage Door Repairs Bristol.

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The window is often overlooked by homeowners as we tend to focus on whether the door is locked. Even if we remember to close them before going out or going to bed, do we lock them? Old houses also tend to have weaker window frames that makes it easier for a thief to break in. It is important to repair or replace the damaged frames.

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