Safety factors to consider when liquid filling

When operating a product business that has items that are liquid based, there is often a need to use a Liquid Filling company such as to have your chosen packaging filled with your products. There are a number of safety factors that need to be considered when completing this type of work.

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Training – it is important that all people who are going to be operating liquid filling machinery are properly trained. This is to help ensure that the products are kept hygienic and to keep employees safe.

Compatibility – when choosing packaging for the liquid products there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account such as whether the liquid product will damage the integrity of the packaging, whether leakages could occur and whether there is any possibility of contamination.

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Ventilation – some products such as cleaning liquids can build up high levels of toxic fumes and for this reason it is important that all liquid filling is undertaken in well ventilated areas and that ventilation systems are used if necessary.

PPE – all employees should be given appropriate and effective PPE. This helps to protect all workers from any issues that could arise from either the products that are being bottled or from the equipment that is being used. As well as PPE procedures for spillages and medical issues need to be considered and policies and procedures put in place to manage them.

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